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Designing a House is easy, but designing the place you will truly call “Home” is challenging. “Home” is your “Identity” it should defined who you are, it should have a History of you and your family within it. Let us work together, so we can learn more about you and deliver your “Home Sweet Home”.

Residential Project: Project

The Issara Ladprao

"Thinking out of the Box"

From 3 bedroom 200 sq.m. we convert it to a panoramic living room. visualizing on site is our strength, exploring and experiment to find out The Layouts that suit you best is our goal.


S32 Resident

Reflecting your Preference

Getting to know you is part of our job. we observe what you like and find solution to the problems you encounter. together we can combine functionalities with style.

Private Residents

Complete Housing Design

We design from scratch. with Complete Housing Design including Landscape, Architecture & Interior Design. we provide full scale service to all our clients.

170331 KHRM - A_DD1_-Camera 2 (ACT-LOCKED).jpg
170604 KHRM - DD2-A-FL02_-Camera 1 (ACT-LOCKED).jpg

Saraburi Residents

"Be one with Nature"

Connecting Landscape, Architecture and Interior to create a seamless experience.

The Plam, Pattanakarn 44

"We want a Party House!!"

Our Clients want to accommodate a lot of their friends. This house will serve as a hub for gatherings and social blogging.

170302 TPRR - Prelim 1_-Camera 1 (ACT-LOCKED).jpg
170406 KPTC - Prelim 1_-Camera 4 (ACT-LOCKED).jpg

The Crest, Sukhumvit 34

"Building a home in The Sky"

It’s our job to make sure we design all the elements to make you feel like home.

S31 Duplex

"Sky Balcony Garden”

20 years old Apartment turn from post-modern in to a refreshing and more Classics Contemporary Style, to feel more inviting with a panoramic view of Sukhumvit Area.

170226 KMRK_Prelim 1_-Camera 3_REV1.jpg

Pathum thani Residents

“Minimalist Living”

Our Architectural are simple, sustainable and refine. These are our 3 aspect we keep in mind when we sketch the house. Our Client wants the House to be one with the Garden.

IDEO Q, Samyan

"Cozy Little Home"

What do you think with 33 SQ.M. Can we do? Find out more!

161216 IDQS - Prelim3_-Camera 1 (ACT-LOCKED).jpg

Onnut Resident

"Expand your Home"

Our Extended Project that merge new architect with exiting house.

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