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Commercial Project: Project


We are trusted by many client to deliver unique design that will represent their Brand Image and Products.

Supatra River House

“Bring Back Memories”

An 70 years old house near Phao Praya River turn Restaurant.

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Specs Republic

“Timeless Design”

Simple Yet Timeless, Our Interior Design represent the Luxurious & Elegant Eye-wear. Specs Republic was our first project back since 2013, ever since then we are trusted when it comes to Retail & Shops Design in The Department store.

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Dog in Town Café

"Form follow Function" - Louis Sullivan

Dog Café & Hotel for Dogs Lovers, we design the exiting resident in to a hip in town area that people can cuddle down with their buddy.

160722 MFH2 - Preliminary 3_- CAM8_Window Display.png

Mellow Fellow Hostel 2

“Comfy Hostel for shopping lovers”

A 4 x 12 meters in size with 4 floors that can accommodate guest up to 26 beds.

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Piano Forte, Paradise Park

“Minimalist Symphony”

This Piano Institute keep it Minimalist and focus on the students that come to lern more about classic instrumental.

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